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Meet the Old Goods Yard gang

We are a group of artists and performers in the workshops at the Treborth Old Goods Yard

Our studio

We've created an space in North Wales to help creative people work to their full potential.

  • A place where artists can exchange ideas

  • Keith shows Micheline around the studios.

  • A painting of the workshop interior

  • Some of the art created on site.

  • Trying alternative sources of energy.

  • A great place for musicians to meet.

  • Our buildings are still being adapted

  • In and around the workshops

  • Capoeira classes include Dance moves, Martial Arts Kicks, Acrobatics and fun!

  • We have some good spaces for dance and drama

  • An international performer greets local artists

  • Some brilliant and unusual performance art

  • It gets a little cluttered as we try to adapt our space

  • Some of the workshops before they were kitted out

  • We may have one or two skeletons in our cupboards

  • Our yard is set in a rural location.

  • Some of the art on display during the Helfa Gelf arts festival

What we do

“Working at the studios has allowed us the space and time together to talk and seek peer group support. We have created a ‘salon’ atmosphere to share our artistic experiences. Opening up for Helfa Gelf is part of this ongoing conversation between us and the public,” said Wanda Zyborska, 3D mixed-media sculpture, installation and showcase performance artist.

Our goal

To help taleted people collaborate, thrive and grow, and give them the space they need

  • Support and encouragement

    We encourage our artists and performers to find their best way forwards

  • Engaging the community

    We hold regular open days and engage with local events

  • Shared spaces

    Having a shared space makes it easy for people to share and encourage each other

  • How we operate

    We are not commercially oriented, its all about support and practical help

Featured Projects

How we work

We are a working community of local artists teaching and sharing our ideas

  • Painting, drawing, illustration, sculpture, performance art, video, film, photography and art installations.

  • Digital media, film, music, dance, mixed media, photography, printmaking, sculpture, woodwork

  • In March 2012 we celebrated the opening of our exciting new space at the Old Goods Yard in Treborth Gardens, Bangor

  • We welcome visitors to the Old Goods Yard near the Menai Bridge